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03 May 2008

  what does it take to create a more advanced country?

in these days, most of the news are talking about the high likelihood most cuntries are entering another recession period*. my country, Indonesia, has been gone through several crises...most i remembered was the 1997-1998 which has not been truly recovered until today.

many discussions are on how to survive the tides and advance more as a country after the crises (Japan did in 1950s, South Korea too several years later).

i think, our nation has many great leaders from the past & present; smart people from the past & present.

we have plethora of resources; oil (it's running out now), gas, woods (it's running out even faster than oil), people, time (we have all the time needed in the world).

the big question**, what does it take to advance like Singapore or Japan or Korea? a super leader? a group of leader with unquestioned integrity?

do we have one or ones?

* recession might be caused by the oil price or the mortgage crises or because dilbert said so..i dunno
** the other question is do we need to be an advanced country like Singapore or Japan? I don't think the people there are happier than us in Indonesia. They have more money, for sure. 

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