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14 May 2005

  repetitive stress injury

be careful.

i run through an online assesment on my habit & behavior in using personal computer. the result is the risk level for me is HIGH. This high level is mainly because i work using laptop a lot, i am typing with my wrist "rested" (it should be floating) and also i work excessively on computer (more than 10 hours a day, 7 days a week).

i checked on google using keyword "repetitive stress injury" and got many good links. i decided right away, i will reduce my computer activity and also will learn how to prevent and cure this type of injury (also known as RSI).

one of the things that i respect from my current company is the inititative to fight RSI. we've got a cool PC with split keyboard and will be supplied with a fancy ergonomic chair. when i visited our headquarter in san ramon a year ago, i saw the employees there even have a hydraulic table which could be lifted up or down to fit with our needs. plus there are some tools, brochures, and exercise ("yoga") are provided in office. unfortunately, i will leave this company soon...but one thing for sure, based on the recommendation, i will buy a docking system for working with my laptop at home.

i was previously quite skeptical about RSI issues.

but it changed whan i took database management course in summer 2003, and one of the student was a lady who worked as a data entry for years in a hospital in pittsburgh. her right hand was covered by gips with steel here and there. so, our professor asked what happened to her hand. then she told us that her hand got a syndrome which call "carpal tunnel syndrome" and she said this syndrome is only a small part of RSI. hence, after that afternoon i started to pay attention seriously on RSI (but failed to change my habit in using laptop for long hours).

i know anyone who read this posting must spend time a lot on computers, please check on google about RSI. this could be a serious thing for us, the computers/internet addicts.

oh..btw, this RSI also usually happens to someone who has habit talking on the phone by tucking the telephone between shoulder and ear while working on PC/laptop. avoid this habit...

and if you know a place/doctor/hospital in jakarta who is good in treating RSI, please let me know...thanks :) 

01 May 2005

  world oil's new equation

we have to face it: oil is no longer easy to get nor cheap.

according to Dave O'Reilly, chairman/CEO of ChevronTexaco, the situation in world oil industry is not the same as before. He calls it "the new equation". What he talks is mainly the significant change in supply and demand.

the demand is increasing; the growth in the next two decades will be about 40%. Last year, China alone contribute 30% of the world oil demand's growth!

on the other side, the supply faces a tough situation. Its growth could not meet the demand's growth. The reason is complex; so one of the best ways to try to hold our oil consumption. Use it wisely and face it, oil is NOT CHEAP, especially for oil importers (btw, Indonesia is an oil importer). 

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