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27 July 2008

  fresh air

sometimes i feel so grateful that i could find some fresh air just by listening a new band/musician, reading a new book or watching a new moview (might not so new, since i am not so up-to-date in those things).

so i happened to buy this book Black Swan in a buy2-get-3 bargain; the author likes to use his initial NNT and i think he gives me some fundamental things to think over about using bell-curve. it's really a fresh air for me to see from his perspective; it's like when i read Dawkin's The God Delusion to see my world from the other flip side of my conventional life

on the same trip, i bought Kings of Leon's Because of the Times which instantly kick my ass really hard..i's hard to not to dance like the old days when i listen to the cd (mostly using a big headphone or while driving). my wife thinks i've went crazy...but she's kind of get used to it after seeing me listening all the Pearl Jam's bootlegs.

sometimes, i just need these kind of stuff to make my day...no, i don't really need steroids or crystals. 

20 May 2008

  if this will be another hard year, i wish it shall be one of my best years too

be careful with your wish.

when i was a little bit younger (and more naive), i dreamt about working in the middle of a dynamic business situation where i can have a significant role in it. i preferred a chaotic situation in a small or a not-so stable company, if possible. it'd seem quite heroic for me (after working several years in a very stable company).

now, i am exactly in that. we are in a turbulance.

some of my colleagues, one by one left us. not for bad reason nor good, i think. in the end, we are all just trying to be pragmatic. in a boat that looks like will sink soon there's not much we can do. the rest (including myself) are in a beaten mood; we need a winning air soon.

for me, the situation is ironic.
it gives me the stage to act; at the same time, the feeling of left out by bosses, friends, members gives me a hard time to focus. the hardest is, i guess, to convince my self to convince my colleagues to fight while we can.

i always obesses with a good team. i think, if we don't win it won't be a big deal as long as we play until the last breath. work our ass as hard as we can. but the reality, one loss game, it knocks down everybody morale. win or lost is another thing, fighting among bunch of true friends is a really big deal.

now, this is the situation. this will be a hard year.
nobody say it'd be easy (coldplay sang).

i shall check this notes one year from now. 

03 May 2008

  what does it take to create a more advanced country?

in these days, most of the news are talking about the high likelihood most cuntries are entering another recession period*. my country, Indonesia, has been gone through several crises...most i remembered was the 1997-1998 which has not been truly recovered until today.

many discussions are on how to survive the tides and advance more as a country after the crises (Japan did in 1950s, South Korea too several years later).

i think, our nation has many great leaders from the past & present; smart people from the past & present.

we have plethora of resources; oil (it's running out now), gas, woods (it's running out even faster than oil), people, time (we have all the time needed in the world).

the big question**, what does it take to advance like Singapore or Japan or Korea? a super leader? a group of leader with unquestioned integrity?

do we have one or ones?

* recession might be caused by the oil price or the mortgage crises or because dilbert said so..i dunno
** the other question is do we need to be an advanced country like Singapore or Japan? I don't think the people there are happier than us in Indonesia. They have more money, for sure. 

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