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29 July 2005

  what do you learn from history?

i don't know about you, but these are what i learned from history:

Lesson#1: human does not like to learn from history (that's why fancy history books are always on bargain sale; that's why we still make the same mistakes like our ancestors).

Lesson#2: there will always be war somewhere sometime in the world. there will be no absolute peace as long as we live. could you mention a year in human history that has no war happening in the last thousand years?

Lesson#3: there is no differences in the problems that human faces in their daily life either it was thousands years ago or now. either we hunt animals for food & clothes or we hunt money to buy food & clothes.it's always about survival and getting power (power could be mean money, beauty, strength, pride, and the likes).

Lesson#4: there will always be poverty and injustice in this world. yes, sad but true.

the above four lessones may seem dark, pessimistic, fatalistic or anti-theis; for me, it's just simply true. BUT, there is another lesson:

Lesson#5: there will always be "crazy" men/women who don't believe the above four lessons. These great men/women will be the key actors/actress in history. These are men/women who create history.

what do you think? 

10 July 2005

  and the greatest american rock band is...pearl jam

if you don't like pearl jam..please don't blame me...blame USA Today :) * I link the article in USA Today; just click the title above*

as a huge fan of PJ, I am surprised because I thought PJ is not in the radar screen anymore.

to be honest, I thought there are two greater bands still around: Rolling Stones and U2, but maybe because the criteria is "american" rock band so they didn't count. I like Rolling Stones and U2 a lot, but pearl jam is my love.

anyway, these are some of the reasons why PJ are the greatest american band (as appears on USA Today's column):
•They've stayed true to themselves:"Instead of selling out with videos and constant press coverage, they pulled back at their height, and focused on the music," wrote Willie McNabb in El Dorado, Ark.
•The music rocks:From Atlanta reader Tom Baker: "They've continually reshaped their sound, album after album, and are still making great, vital music 12+ years into their career. What else could you want?"
•There have been scores of imitators: "How many Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder knockoffs have invaded rock radio since Ten?" asked Scott Jordan, another Atlanta fan.
•Their concerts are first-rate — and affordable: Jake Mohlman from Barrington, R.I., praised the band for keeping ticket prices low. "It's unique in an era when most artists gouge their fans to the limit," he wrote. "Likewise, releasing their shows on low-cost bootlegs brings a new dimension to seeing one of their shows." (Notes-Yes it's true, I paid $25 for PJ, $60 for Dave Matthews Band, $30 for Coldplay and I heard Rolling Stones is more than $100...)

Ok, that's all....but it's safe for me to say, even if pearl jam is the worst american rock band I still love PJ. 

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