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27 July 2008

  fresh air

sometimes i feel so grateful that i could find some fresh air just by listening a new band/musician, reading a new book or watching a new moview (might not so new, since i am not so up-to-date in those things).

so i happened to buy this book Black Swan in a buy2-get-3 bargain; the author likes to use his initial NNT and i think he gives me some fundamental things to think over about using bell-curve. it's really a fresh air for me to see from his perspective; it's like when i read Dawkin's The God Delusion to see my world from the other flip side of my conventional life

on the same trip, i bought Kings of Leon's Because of the Times which instantly kick my ass really hard..i's hard to not to dance like the old days when i listen to the cd (mostly using a big headphone or while driving). my wife thinks i've went crazy...but she's kind of get used to it after seeing me listening all the Pearl Jam's bootlegs.

sometimes, i just need these kind of stuff to make my day...no, i don't really need steroids or crystals. 

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