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06 March 2006

  happy at work

i don't know many people who confesses she/he is happy with her/his job

engineer, accountant, programmer, creative director, manager that i know does not seem happy about what she/he does for living. most of my friends and family are complaining about their job.


whenever i saw a music concert, i saw what i perceived as happines while working. if you see musicians on stage, i know they enjoy their job. and i envy them for that. are musicians the only group who are happy doing their job? (but why kurt cobain killed himself?)

ok, there is another group.

i watched soccer and basketball games on tv. the players look very happy while on field. i knew they have a huge pressure to win every game. but they look happy on field.

so here i am; looking for the secret of being happy at work. i understand that everyone has pressure to win, to perform, to deliver. there must be pressure and stress in workplace. but at least i want to be happy in what i am doing everyday. i hope i found the answer these days soon. 

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