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10 June 2007

  religion doesn't matter

i've observed that there is no significant correlation between religion and bad people. robbers or corruptors are all represented by all religions. i don't know whether in prison, we could find a better sampling for more accurate observation. but i dont't think that would be necessary, since more bad people are not in prison. even, the most evil people and the most obvious for us in Indonesia is still living freely outside the bars. Not to mention his families, cronies and wannabees.

i'm reading Richard Dawkin's The God Delusion; one of his argument is what i paraphrased above "we don't need religion to be good". i am not an atheist; however, i found many arguments in the book are true.

especially, since many of people who proudly talk about their religious belief and activities are also the ones who do the worst thing for our country and communities. 

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