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01 June 2007

  politicians ain't the smartest people in town

when i was in India last year, i had a chat with my colleague who is born and grew up there. we talked about the greatness of the culture; but i remembered he said "but for years till now this country is mismanaged. of course, politicians aren't the smartest people, everybody knew that...and these people are the ones who rule and lead us. we can't blame them because we chosed them, but look at everywhere here..we have so many poor people despite this is a very rich country. fortunately, some entrepreneurs lead some businesses which now is driving India out of the mud...but we are a very big country...ways to go."

in reflection--especially these days --- politicians in my country, Indonesia, are becoming more blatantly stupid. They are not only stupid but also shameless. The house of representatives is now perceived as the community of corruptors. Many people is jokingly said, the parliement's building today is the most complete showroom of all the expensive cars. Not to mention about how these people create the rule for compensate their "jobs".

anyway, i think i am responsible for that. i mean, i elect them (even though indirectly); we are responsible for that failure. what concerns me more is that the politics career are not attracting the smartest people (which hopefully wiser). smart people works for corporation, becoming doctors or lawyer.

ok, some politicians might refuse to acknowledge being not smart; but look at the situation here now.

i think to improve our nation, there are two options:

A. push more smart people become politicians

B. drive the progress from independent business & entreprenurship 

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