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13 October 2006

  smoke gets in your eyes (and your neighbor’s eyes too)

i can understand the outcries of fellow Malaysian and Singaporean about the smoke (or haze) which is “sent” from Indonesia.

when i lived in Riau until last two years ago it really sucked everytime the haze came. that’s one big thing which made me moved to Jakarta.

what i don’t understand is why this thing is cropping day by day; it’s just like the government does not have any power to do any actions to the people/companies responsible for this disaster (these companies are not only from Indonesia, by the way). We should be ashamed of this.

this is a picture in March 2005 from my room when I was in the middle of the haze attack….it was about 4 pm and believe me, it felt like I lived in Mars (was posted here before)…the right word to describe is: SUCK...


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