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06 December 2005

  IT people, please be creative!

the more IT growing, the more confused I am.

if my friends are talking about "windows", "mouse", "client" or any other IT terms, sometimes I am not sure which thing they are talking about. My friend said,"I have just bought a mouse", and I asked if he bought the optical one, and he smirked victoriously then said "nope, I bought a real mouse for lab experiment." He bought mouse the animal.

I think the people in IT should be more creative in creating name for devices, software, or system. They need to invent good and unique name for any new invention. Remember, our old people has given name their inventions with some impressive names such as "laser", "semiconductor", or "aeroplane".

"iPod", "google", "blog" are some examples of creative names...

"notebook" or "mouse" is certainly not a creative name... 

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