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24 August 2005

  financial freedom

one thing that makes me not too excited when someone talks about financial freedom is because most of the people who talk or write about this term are kind of materialistic people. They tend to simplify the problem in the world by saying that if you earn a lot of money you'll be free financially.

Well, that's bullshit, in my opinion.

Freedom (including financial freedom) is a state of mind. If you are a yogi or a sufi, and you talk about financial freedom, then I will believe you. A yogi or sufi will be indifference when she/he does have a lot of money or does not have money. She/he does not want anything in this world but love to the One. When you don't want anything (yes, that anything includes food and water) then you will be free from financial matters.

Therefore, getting US$ 10,000 a month from an easy job (e.g.pyramid scheme's "internet marketing") WILL NOT make you free financially. Why? Because you will have to worry about your downlines, buddy (plus you have to think hardly your probability to get that amount of money...heh heh).

If you think of the richest man on this planet (i.e. Bill Gates) who earn billion of dollars every minute, I am pretty sure that he is not in the state of financial freedom now, or in the near future. Why (again)? It's because he STILL has desire to have something. We don't talk about whether he wants to buy ten Jaguars or a mansion in the most expensive place in the world. He CAN buy it. But I think, Bill's mind full of thinking about his concerns to get more money; maybe he needs more money to buy SAP and Oracle and Apple altogether (this is just an example of his desire...maybe, who knows), or simply he just worries about the Microsoft stock price in the Wallstreet...

the only way to get freedom including financial freedom, is to free yourself from this materials world. Alternatively, just keep your lifestyle humble to match your income. Or even if you have high income, keep your lifestyle humble, and try to give away part of your earning. At this stage, you will be at least 10% in the state of financial freedom.

Me? ah, I am just a slave of this materialistic world...but I don't give a damn people who are preaching financial freedom while trying to sell craps like seminars or books about "Retire Rich and Young" or "Financial Freedom".

I am sorry to let you read this far...pardon my words, ladies and gentlemen.. 

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