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29 July 2005

  what do you learn from history?

i don't know about you, but these are what i learned from history:

Lesson#1: human does not like to learn from history (that's why fancy history books are always on bargain sale; that's why we still make the same mistakes like our ancestors).

Lesson#2: there will always be war somewhere sometime in the world. there will be no absolute peace as long as we live. could you mention a year in human history that has no war happening in the last thousand years?

Lesson#3: there is no differences in the problems that human faces in their daily life either it was thousands years ago or now. either we hunt animals for food & clothes or we hunt money to buy food & clothes.it's always about survival and getting power (power could be mean money, beauty, strength, pride, and the likes).

Lesson#4: there will always be poverty and injustice in this world. yes, sad but true.

the above four lessones may seem dark, pessimistic, fatalistic or anti-theis; for me, it's just simply true. BUT, there is another lesson:

Lesson#5: there will always be "crazy" men/women who don't believe the above four lessons. These great men/women will be the key actors/actress in history. These are men/women who create history.

what do you think? 

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