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28 April 2005

  Mr. VVIP and Amok

i really don't know, why there is only one publisher (Tempo) got a story about Theo Toemion's amok in Jakarta International School (JIS).

There are only two other 'international papers" had the story on their online versions: The Jakarta Post (TJP) and International Herald Tribune (IHT). I got the news the first time from Koran Tempo, which I read on airplane; then I searched thru google and got some other articles from Tempo Interactive, TJP, and IHT.

Whatever the reasons behind it, Pak Theo, hit a 14-year old boy (!) and several others, including women (!!). He lost his temper after a dispute over a basketball game which his son ( a 7 year old boy) participated. In short, this is a kids-game (!!!) and the most interesting thing is the incident happened on April 17th more than a week ago...and I, an addicted online news searcher, only read it this morning...

anybody knows the story behind the story?

this is a sad thing to read but the most painful part is because almost all media just speak nothing...while some of them are so noisy reporting "who's the father of Pinkan Mambo's baby?"or "a simple girl from Bandung makes thousands dollars from 'internet marketing'"

scoff and sigh..a long one

update 1 (april 28th, 11.36 pm): i just found Detik and Media Indonesia put this story too 

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