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13 March 2005

  the Enda factor

while listening Bob Marley on this easy sunday morning...I chatted via messenger with my friend Goli (a cool Kellog student + the future leader of Indonesia, ya ngga?) and read some news I got from quicklinks at Enda Nasution's blog.

Suddenly I realized that Enda's blog has become a critically important source of information for me!

Many aspects of his blog provide me better NEW information compare to other [conventional] information sources in Indonesia such as detik.com or liputan6.com. It does not mean Enda's blog is a substitute to the like of detik.com and others, but what I mean is that his blog is a perfect complement of conventional information sources such as newspapers, tv, or online news site.

It simply put that blog is a truly alternative infomation media!
It is true for me and maybe for many people in Indonesia. In the case of Enda's blog, I knew these things from his blog: BLOG (itself), friendster, gmail, firefox, ambalat's case..and many more...well I forgot most of them :)

I think older generations might still have difficulties to understand this. "Why in the world, we want to read and believe a personal opinion as a news? It could be misleading," maybe they thought so. Well, it's hard to teach a new trick to an old dog....unless the old dog is smart enough or it keeps the young spirit is flaming...

The thing is, when we READ blog, it does not mean we read just A blog...:) we read many of them..and 'worse', we still read CNN, detik.com, liputan6.com, read the magazines, newspapers, watch tv, listening radio (only on the road)....And I knew it's not just me (or am I??). We are a bunch of blokes who are addicted to information...[older] people needs to understand this..I guess....even I could be considered as an old lad compare to the real internet generation (which is called the Y-gen or Z-gen or whatever the marketing dudes want to name it). Ross Blake wrote in his blog about this Understanding Internet Generation and I kinda agree with him completely. Having understood this give me a better feeling since I feel not that old now hahahaha......

Anyway, for me in Indonesia, the Enda factor is a big thing..:) And not just him. There are several blogs that I read frequently and many of us may agree that these blogs are worth the time to spend on...check also Budi Raharjo's blog or Priyadi's blog...or more on my links!

enjoy the week end.

ps. But I knew a whole lotta my friends (they are young, urban, and professionals, of course) who do not read blog or simply don't care about it. This clearly shows us that our information channels are really really stratified into many many groups....each group complement is other, perhaps..I don't know...I just eat them up...all of them... 

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