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06 March 2005

  Duri, Riau: 6 March 05 (Cry for Help)

I put two pictures which look like taken from "Sleepy Hollow" scene set or pictures from Mars...

No, they are not. The pictures are taken from my place, a small town named Duri; it's in Riau, Central Sumatera, Indonesia. As I posted before, we are now living in a very unhealthy environment because of forests' fire (the air now is far worse than Jakarta's air...do you believe that?) . The fire is not an accident...some greedy assholes deliberately set the fire to clear the forests for other purposes...it's been more than a month in this situation, and it's a yearly disaster....:(

Anyway, even though I am still alive, living in a closed room listening Kitaro and Vangelis...I do believe that I need to share these pictures to all of you anywhere on this universe. Help us to push our government to do something...

The above is the picture of the yard in front of my "wisma" ( a kind of apartment).

and this is from the back yard of my wisma. Across the fences is a golf course...I used to have a nice scene to write my site and blog...:) I will certainly put pictures when everything's just fine, so you could see the differences....:)

The pictures were taken at about 4.30 pm, but believe me...the condition is just like that all this day. The worst part is I could not play basketball...

that is the story of the day. thanks for reading... 

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