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20 March 2005

  big brother is watching me?

this is the first time something strange happened to me regarding internet security.

I checked my yahoo account, and I found some emails have been read by someone/something; Is it just a random system error or someone really wants to read my emails? If that is the case, I don't know what he/she/it expects from reading my emails...:)

I am not a celebrity nor someone important....beside, most of my emails are digest of so many mailing lists. Anyway, even though I am a little bit curious but I am cool about it. If someone/something wants to check my emails again in the future, I really want him/her/it to delete also my bulk or spam mails. From about 50 emails (in average) that I got everyday, 35 of them are spams (from " getting your manhood bigger" to "free ipod" to "cheap softwares packages")

Oh... by the way, it reminds me of something.

When people and myself wrote about the Anne Ahira topic and the discussion that her business may relate to spam emails; yesterday, incidentally I visited one of their website...interestingly, I read this website put a big logo that say "NO SPAM TOLERANCES" or something like that. So, I think if this policy is really enforced within Anne Ahira's teams, I think my concern that there could be many spam mails because of their business model is not too relevant anymore. In fact, I haven't got any spam related to their internet marketing...except an email that one of their member sent to pearl Jam Indonesia mailing list; the email wrote a story about "chainsaw vs. axe" as an analogy to conventional business ("axe") and their "internet marketing business" ("chainsaw"). The mailing list moderator replied right away using the same analogy that he preferred "axe"...(pretty polite refusal) while one or two members were really upset because of that email. So, this thing may be around for a while...maybe their business would be good someday, I don't know...I am just not in to it...I am just an "axe" person...

Ok, that's my week end story...I had a good time playing basketball this afternoon; my shooting still sucks and I cannot run more than 5 minutes...I am really a lame player (but still feel good about it, fortunately).

ps. I am trying to use TrackBack (and Commenting) tools from Haloscan, I don't know if it worked or not...one thing for sure, I lost my old comments....this makes me realize again and again... my skill sucks...especially in html, lay out, color, and worst of all..in writing (but again, fortunately, I still feel good about it). Man, I like sunday afternoon....:-D 

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