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03 March 2005

  Bandung according to its lover: the good and ugly sides

I love Bandung.
This is the place that I consider as my second home after spending six good years in the city. A few weeks ago I visited this city for one day (!) after a long absence since 2000. The reason of I wrote the bad sides longer than the good sides is because I'm so sad knowing some incidents because lack of smart thinking from the regulators of Bandung City or West Java.

Good Sides:
1. It is a place with the highest ratio of cute girls per square meters (in Indonesia)
2. I like the style of guyz/girlz in Bandung
3. Bandung has plethora of great bands....even a bunch of kids who pop up from anywhere near your home are great musicians...I'm still wondering "how come?"
4. Nice people

Bad Sides:
1. This city has no waste/disposal system....I don't know why...this is the city which produces so-called high quality engineers (including mechanical/civil/enviromental/geology engineers and planology experts). When I, back in mid 90s, jokingly said that Bandung is more like "Parit van Java" rather than "Paris van Java", a friend of mine who is a natural born Bandungnese angrily pointed me as one obvious source of Bandung's environment degradation. To be exact, he said "you know what, because of we have so many people coming to this city, JUST LIKE YOU (!), that makes our beloved city is not so lovely anymore." With a guilty feeling because of my bad joke ruined his mood, I used my right to remain silent. As time goes by, I read the last edition of Tempo magazine about how the stupidity lead to disaster in Leuwigajah. So, I have to write again: The city has no waste/disposal system. Whoa...this is longer than I wanted to write.
2. The city has no plan to keep its beautiful landscape....the government loves to let fashion outlets (i.e. factory outlets) popping anywhere unregulated...and malls too...so to make it simple...all those sum up into traffic jams.
3. Its government has no will to keep its trees alive in Northern Bandung (Dago Pakar, Ciumbeluit,etc). I knew the spelling of Ciumbeluit is wrong...

Anyway, my good friend, Guntur Gantara, maintains a website of Bandung city...I forgot the URL and too lazy to find out...maybe you could search it thru Google or Yahoo...its under Geocities...or else I put his site as one of my fave in Beranda.net/links

Last thing, these words are still implanted in my head and heart "keep bandung beautiful, euy!" I like the words....but it is better to make it happened 

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