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25 February 2005

  my first free e-book

finally I finished my first book...it's a free e-book about six sigma in a nutshell. The book is in Bahasa Indonesia which titled Mengenal Six Sigma Secara Sederhana, and mainly targeted to students to make them not so allergic with statistical/analytical tools.

maybe many of us are quite skeptical about six sigma...I think the main reason is because the buzz and hype surrounding the concept. Or maybe because it is closely related to all the big wheels...those greedy corporations which want to squeeze their resources to be as efficient as possible.

but as a person who actually works in six sigma related job, I found this method is pretty neat. It is about a structured methodology to solve problem in our process (i.e. in any process). It is about using analytical/statistical tools to transform data into information; from information into knowledge.

If we were more knowlegable about our process, then we could have a chance to make a different. Is life not about that? 

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