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20 February 2005

  google adsense

I decided to put ads by google on my personal website, beranda.net....even though I am not too sure if it really works for me from economical perspective, but I think it's worth too "experiment" how the online ads works. Besides, no need for me to prepare anything but copy & paste the scripts.

One of the downsides is that sometimes ads and pop-ups are disturbing. With my limited skill in HTML and scripting, the disturbance shows blatantly on my site. I will sacrifice my site for the sake of learning...that's my intention when creating beranda.net...so it's ok for now

One other thing that disturbs me so bad is the "anne ahira" ads delivered by google. There are a lot of sites related to the so-called "internet marketing" system...asianbrain.com, disiniadadollar.com, etc... all sites are the sames: they are offering you how to make easy money by "internet marketing"... as I don't agree with the business (well, I am against it)...all I have to do is trying to filter all the URLs to keep my site from posting their ads. I don't know if I could keep up my speed in adding their URLs from the filter list, maybe when I can't stand no more, I willl get rid-off all the ads..and only put ads for humanitarian effforts such as Indonesia HELP and the likes.

If not because the "google factor" I won't think to put the ads. I like Google...I think most of my writings I got from googling (see? google now is a verb!). I think biz magazines and newspapers love it too, just see how the report on Google's IPO. But I don't like Google because of they make a lot of money (If I do, walmart should be on my list)...the reason is because I think Google is cool. Most of all, I like how the founder (Larry Page and Sergei Brin?) set the vision of his company; They obviously set the new standard for running business... 

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